Preventing strokes before they happen

Strokes are common and highly unpredictable, causing individuals a great deal of suffering. Arrhythmia is a major cause of stroke, but the problem is that arrhythmias are difficult to diagnose. Now this has changed.

Heart2Save has developed a simple solution to detect arrhythmias at home. The 24/7 arrhythmia monitoring attached to wearables allows the user to detect arrhythmia and get treated before the stroke happens. Heart2Save’s clinical research confirms that the accuracy of wearable data is comparable to the medical devices used in hospitals.





The wearable can be used 24/7 making Heart2Save a perfect solution for easy and light arrhythmia monitoring. Wearables alerts the user about a possible hidden cardiac arrhythmia. When receiving the alert, the user takes an ECG with Heart2Save’s home ECG-monitoring system, which generates an ECG-report eligible for a medical doctor to interpret.

Hardware Independent Service


Hear2Save service will be classified as medical device. The service process is hardware independent, which means that through validation any device can applied in the process. Heart2Save arrhythmia detection technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI).

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