Intelligent arrhythmia detection

AiVoni is now Awario!

A reliable solution for arrhythmia monitoring no matter where you are – at home, at work, on holiday or at the doctor’s office.

AiVoni electrodes and AiVoni sensor on a table

Analyze your rhythm

All you will need is your smartphone and the Awario measuring device. The small measuring device is easy to carry with you to work, home and whilst travelling.

Easy to use

The  Awario application guides you through the measuring process and shows the results of the analysis in an understandable form. 

An intelligent medical device

Awario is a clinically validated and CE marked medical device. The specificity has been verified by medical research. 

Strong foundation in science

The service is based on extensive medical research conducted in collaboration between The University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio University Hospital and our company. 


Diagnose valid ECG report

For every measurement, the Awario service will generate an ECG report. Based on thereport, healthcare professionals can begin the treatment best suited for you.  

A Finnish company and product

The Awario service has been developed by Heart2Save Ltd, a health tech company founded in Kuopio in 2015

Target groups 

We will offer a versatile service for detection of arrhythmias for a broad field of users and have solutions for consumers, health care and licensing partners.