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Heart2Save’s core competence lies in the identification of heart arrhythmias. The AiVoni -service produces a high-quality and reliable chest ECG recording with analysis and multiple implementation possibilities. The remote arrhythmia monitoring system provides a reliable and effortless way to systematically monitor your patient’s heart rhythm. The arrhythmia detection/screening service allows you to measure arrhythmias in any unit of your organization, using a handheld measuring device and your work phone. We have taken GDPR requirements into account in our services.

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Remote arrhythmia monitoring

Patients with feelings of arrhythmia (no cause diagnosed) can either use their own AiVoni measuring device or borrow one from a health care unit. In both cases, you can view the measurement results on your computer with the help of the AiVoni remote arrhythmia monitoring system. The AiVoni remote arrhythmia monitoring system has been developed to reduce the time which physicians spend in diagnosing ECG -stripes containing none or clinically insignificant arrhythmias. With the help of the automatic arrhythmia analysis, you can select only the relevant ECG -stripes, upload them into the imaging system, and make the necessary treatment decisions. We train the personnel in the use of the remote arrhythmia monitoring system, including administration of the measuring devices and the ECG -reports.

Arrhythmia detection/screening

The AiVoni service provides a fast and medically reliable way to check and diagnose the heart rhythm without sending the patient to a 12-lead ECG. With the AiVoni service, you can recognise symptomatic arrhythmia or screen for asymptomatic atrial fibrillation, for example, at the doctor’s, home care or any other healthcare unit. The AiVoni service is an easy to use small, handheld measuring device. It is possible for the personel to download ECG reports containing arrhythmia findings using their work phone to the patient’s imaging data for the doctor to study and use as support when making decisions for treatment.

Our service identifies four different types of arrhythmia

atrial fibrillation, ventricular extrasystoles and low and high resting heart rate.

Safe and cost-effective arrhythmia monitoring

The AiVoni -service is a CE-marked medical device, which means it has gone through the same process as devices that are used in hospitals, ensuring product quality and patient safety. With the help of the service, you can both provide your customers with arrhythmia monitoring cost-effectively and get them to commit to monitoring their heart rhythm, both in the short and long term.  

AiVoni -measuring device

The AiVoni measuring device contains everything you need in order to use the service: AiVoni -electrodes (measuring device), AiVoni -sensor and a manual. When you purchase a measuring device, you also register as a user of the AiVoni -service, which gives you access to the AiVoni for Android™ application and the AiVoni analysis service. The product contains a battery. The AiVoni service needs an Internet connection to work.

AiVoni for Android™ -application

The easy-to-use AiVoni for Android app (IoS available in 5/2021) guides your patient in taking measurements, and instructs on repeating the measurement if the app indicates it is of poor quality. The data is sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to to the smartphone and onwards to the AiVoni® -analyses service for analysing. The analyse service returns the information about detected heart arrhythmias to the AiVoni® for Android -application along with the ECG report.

AiVoni -analysis service

The heart rhythm is analysed on Heart2Save’s server. The AiVoni -analyses service is based on clinically validated algorithms and has been certified as a medical device. With the help of the ECG -report generated by the service, healthcare professionals can reliably diagnose a possible arrhythmia, and begin the treatment best suited for the situation at hand. Reliable analytics decrease unnecessary visits to the doctor, reduce the time which physicians spend in diagnosing ECG -stripes containing none or clinically insignificant arrhythmias and is a support when doctors make decisions for treatment.


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