Heart2Save Ltd


Heart2Save is a health tech company founded in Kuopio in 2015. You could say our story begun in a helicopter. After all things Emergency Doctor Helena Jäntti saw and experienced in her workshe got the idea of a device that could quickly and reliably detect heart arrhythmias before they cause serious consequences. Heart2Save Oy was established to solve this problem.  

Helena Jäntti

”My long experience as an emergency physician has convinced me that it would be wisest to in advance tackle problems caused by heart arrhythmia. For that to be possiblewe need to get a medical device in the consumer’s pocket – and that is what we are going to do right now”.  


– Helena Jäntti, Emergency Doctor 

Target groups 

We will offer a versatile service for detection of arrhythmias for a broad field of users and have solutions for consumershealth care and licensing partners.