AiVoni® recognises heart arrhythmias reliably

The AiVoni® –service that has been developed by Heart2Save offers a reliable solution for arrhythmia monitoring no matter where you are – at home, at work, on holiday or at the doctor’s officeThe AiVoni® –service consists of the AiVoni® for Android –application, the AiVoni® -analyses service and a measuring device (either the AiVoni® –electrodes or Suunto Smart Sensor –belt and the AiVoni® –sensor.) 

The AiVoni® –sensor is a medical device developed on Movesense, Suunto’s open development platform, and it is in the final phase of medical device approval. The other components of the AiVoni® –service have already been CE-marked (Class IIa, except for the AiVoni® –electrodes, which are Class I). 

With the AiVoni® -service, you can monitor your heart anytime, anywhere.  

This is how AiVoni® works

It has never been this easy to monitor your heart. You only need an Android smartphone and an AiVoni® -measuring device (electrodes + sensor).  

Place the AiVoni® -measuring device (electrodes + sensor) on your chest, start measuring by tapping ‘Start measuring’ on your phone. The device will measure your heart rate for 30 seconds. The result of the measurement will then be visible in your phone after a few seconds after which you immediately can load an ECG-report in your phone. 

The device recognises four types of heart arrhythmia: atrial fibrillation, ventricular extrasystoles and high and low resting heart rate. When measuring the ECG from the chest, you get a reliable analyse for arrhythmia, that supports the doctor when deciding on the best treatment. 

Clinically validated, medically reliable

The small measuring device comes handy with you to work, home or, e.g. while travelling. The easy-to-use AiVoni® for Android –application guides you through the measuring process and shows the result in an understandable form.  

The heart rhythm is analysed on Heart2Save’s server. The AiVoni® -analyses service is based on clinically validated algorithms and has been certified as a medical device (CE class IIa). With the help of the ECG-report generated by the AiVoni® –service, healthcare professionals can make a reliable diagnosis about the heart rate and if needed, begin a treatment best suited for the situation at hand. 

AiVoni-elektrodit (mittalaite)
Suunto Smart Sensor -sykevyö AiVoni -sensorilla

Why AiVoni®?

The most effective way to diagnose arrhythmia is with an electrical recording of your heart rhythm called an electrocardiogram (ECG). It can be very difficult to find asymptomatic or occasional arrhythmias at the doctor’s appointmentWith the help of the AiVoni® -service, you can immediately record an ECG when experiencing symptoms, and conduct regular measurements in order to recognise asymptomatic or “silent” atrial fibrillation. The AiVoni® -service makes it possible to recognise heart arrhythmias at an early stage, and thus minimise their consequences. 

Who can use AiVoni®?

The AiVoni® -service can be used by anyone (adult) interested in measuring the heart rhythm. AiVoni® is especially suitable for persons experiencing an irregular heartbeat. With the help of the AiVoni® -service, one can find out if the symptoms are caused by an arrhythmia that requires medical treatment or for instance, harmless extrasystoles. 

People having an increased risk of arrhythmia or a stroke also benefit from the AiVoni® -service. Age is one of the most significant risk factors. That is why everyone over 60-years of age is recommended to regularly, at least twice/week, monitor the condition of their heart. Other risk factors are, e.g. obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. With the help of the AiVoni® -service self-monitoring can be done effortlessly.  

Phone screen that shows the AiVoni ECG report from the AiVoni fro Android application
Vanha mies istuu ulkorakennuksen portailla ja mittaa itseään AiVoni -mittalaitteella