The Health & Welfare Technology Expo in Pori and Rauma

The Health & Welfare Technology Expo offers exciting and versatile expert speeches about digital services, welfare technology, robotics and artificial intelligence targeted for social and health sector.

One of the most interesting welfare technology event in Finland is organized in Satakunta, in Pori and Rauma. The event provides wide coverage of the technology sector exhibitors as well as other interesting and surprising attractions.

The target group of the events includes technology providers, social and health care professionals, teachers, students and everyone with interest in technology in care.

Health & Welfare Technology Expo Pori on Wednesday 27th November takes place at WinNova Pori campus, Tiedepuisto 3, Pori.

Health & Welfare Technology Expo Rauma on Thursday 28th November takes place at WinNova Rauma campus, Steniuksenkatu 8, Rauma.

Heart2Save will participate on both days, and in Pori we will also have a presentation “Health Technology and self-measurement, how to choose a reliable measuring device suitable for me? Case Heart2Save.”

Please stop by if you happen to be around! More information about the event can be found here.