On a mission to save lives

”The long experience as an Emergency doctor urged me to search for new and better ways for diagnosing symptomless arrhythmia before a more serious, possibly fatal stroke. Only a few of us have an opportunity to undergo frequent ECG screening in hospital environment. However, if a proactive screening based on continuous heart rate monitoring could be implemented among the risk groups, the impact could be economically significant. Most importantly, individual suffering could be avoided”

says Helena Jäntti, founder of the company, Emergency Doctor, FinnHEMS60 Kuopio


Helena is accompanied by a strong team of professionals. The company’s core competence is to detect arrhythmias. The team consists of top medical signal processing PhD’s supported by medical device R&D and quality and regulatory professionals. The investor team has brought new expertise both from business and financing perspectives.

Team with wide scientific background – altogether 12 medical doctors onboard – is vital for the medical technology company as you need to get through the regulation with your product concept. In the case of arrhythmia algorithms, huge amount of data collected from the real patients is required, which can in practice to be done only in hospital environment with proper approvals from authorities.

Our passion is both, helping people with potential cardiac arrhythmias and creating value equally for patients, society and investors.


Helena Jäntti,

CEO, PhD, Emergency Doctor

Anne-Mari Kantanen,

PhD, neurologist

Tuomas Rissanen,

Adjunct Prof. Cardiology, Head of science

Tero Martikainen,

PhD, Leader of clinical research


Mika Tarvainen,

Adjunct prof, Medical signal analysis and physiological modelling

Jukka Lipponen,

PhD, ECG signal analysis and algorithms

Pekka Kuoppa,

PhD, Medical signal analysis


Hannele Toroi,

Head of Quality and Regulatory

Susanna Martikainen,

PhD, usability expert

Kirsimarja Metsävainio,

MD, Living Lab/Test bed coordinator


Roope Sihvola,

Chairman of the Board

Jussi Holopainen,

Board Member

Mikko Jalkanen,

Board Member

Mikko Dahlman,

Board Member

Pia Erkinheimo,

Board Member